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  • Development of the infrastructure of the marginalized places in cooperation with the relevant authorities.
  • Mitigating the negative environmental impact by spreading environmental awareness among young people and children.
  • Strengthening the principles of democracy as a method of action and behavior in all areas of life.
  • Rehabilitation and training of young people in order to develop the necessary professional skills for them to integrate into the labor market.
  • Improve the level of health through community activities like medical voluntary days.
  • Strengthening the relationship between the Commission, civil and international institutions to develop the Commission’s capabilities and achieve its goals.
  • Provide assistance and rehabilitation of poor families financially and in-kind in coordination with concerned NGOs and relevant entities.
  • Promote & develop the local heritage and traditional handcrafts among the Palestinian society and outside.
  • Rehabilitate and develop the capabilities of people with special needs (disabled and gifted), especially who’s living in marginalized areas.
  • Establishing kindergartens and educational centers for children and youth.