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Women’s Empowerment Program

The program seeks to empower women and promote their participation in civic life and raise their living standard by providing supportive services, and psycho-social support, legal counseling, training and preparation of graduates for the labor market and promote women’s political participation.

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Psychological Counseling and Support program

The program seeks to contribute to improving the mental health of children, provide a supportive learning environment, and support for children in marginalized areas. The program is implemented through: outreach activities, psychosocial support and recreational activities, as well as the establishment of centers to help children to solve homeworks using active learning techniques such as: environmental materials, children’s cinema, children’s …

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Youth Support and Empowerment Program

The program works on the empowerment and rehabilitation of youth, especially in marginalized areas, to enhance their role in society, the program offers several training courses in order to develop practical and personal skills of youth, such as communication skills, leadership, self-management and entrepreneurship, so as to enhance and their employability chances after graduation.

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